• The 360 Clinics, formally known as ECCAD
  • Egyptian Canadian Clinics for Cognitive Abilities Development- Brain Health.
  • Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Center Egypt & MENA
  • Founder & Former-Minister 
  • National Council on Disabilities Affairs-Egyptian Prime Ministry
  • Freelance Business Consultant 
  • Strategy Formulation & Deployment 
  • SMEs ‘ Turnaround
  • Managing Director 
  • Waeil Borhan Documentary, California, USA
  • The book “ I” by Waeil Borhan
  • Founder & Vice President 
  • Special Olympics-Egypt Chapter
  • Founder & Chairman Wayana International Foundation for Inclusion of People with Disabilities-Egypt (NGO)

Ayah has 13 years of experience in addiction and psychotherapy and has worked with children, adolescents and adults. She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,Family and marriage counseling and life coaching.

Ayah’s hobbies included writing children stories and poetry.

Clinical psychologist who works with children, adolescents and adults.

Samia specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment and working with anxiety and depression. Samia likes to read and hopes to one day write a book.

She has 6 years experience in the field of special education and the application of psychometric tests.

She holds a clinical diploma.

She has a great love of singing and reading.


Clinical psychologist

She has 6 years of experience and specializes in speech and behavioral modification, skills development and learning difficulties sessions as well as psychometric testing.

She loves designing and sewing clothes and she takes courses in them and hopes to start a fashion project.

She holds a diploma in clinical, mental health and psychological counseling and she has a professional Master's in Family Counseling and has completed several courses in the field of psychology. 

She has 5 years of experience in adolescent and adult psychotherapy, specializing in CBT and Dbt.  

Her hobbies include reading, cooking and eating. She also loves to keep learning new things.

He has 11 years of experience in the psychological field and is a neurofeedback specialist with a background in clinical psychology. 

He loves the theater and is a great theater actor.  

He likes to combine his knowledge, passion and experience to make the best of all of his work

She specializes in skills development, behavior modification and learning difficulties. 

Sumaya loves to spend her free time in the kitchen and wants to make a cooking channel one day. 

Trauma Counselling provides a safe, soothing and confidential space where you can begin to discuss and understand the trauma experience or experiences you have had. It is also a space where you can begin to explore the physical / bodily reactions that the trauma may be causing you. If you are having these reactions, trauma counselling can provide practical help and strategies for managing symptoms such as flashbacks, panic attacks and nightmares and provide you with the tools to manage these reactions yourself.


Couples counseling is a type of therapy that assists individuals in resolving conflicts, identifying poor communication patterns, and discovering strategies to strengthen their relationships. If you are in a relationship that is going through a difficult phase, you might think about going to couples counseling, since it can be difficult for anyone to accurately assess their own relationship. Our couple therapists help clients discover and overcome the contradictory habits and patterns that are impeding the relationship’s growth.


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