A lot of an athlete’s time is spent on training muscles for better performance; with eVox® Brain Health Systems, the brain muscle is regularly trained for improved motor performance, enhanced brain functions and muscle recovery.




Enhance attention, concentration & focus

Eliminate stress & improve quality and depth of sleep

Improve motor skills & heighten physical performance

Maintain performance quality with age

Restore brain function after injury

The ability to stay focused is crucial to any sport’s athlete. At The 360° Clinics, we help you keep your head in the game using our neurofeedback technology. eVox® Systems, is a form of non-invasive, alternative treatment which allows us to monitor, record and gain control over brain activity.

Anxiety management and sleep regulation are crucial for an athletes performance to take on its best form. Using our Neurofeedback technologies, our physicians diagnose and train hyperactive regions in the brain.

Short reaction time and processing speed are essential in the sharpening the skills of an exceptional athlete. By enhancing motor skills, you are able to boost performance and decrease reaction time by 30%.

Athletes experience a decline in their performance as they age. Our Evoke Neurofeedback technology, eVox® trains up to 19 points of the brain functions to maintain the quality of your physical performance.

Athletes that experience brain injuries in their career can come to have complications in brain activity.  Neurofeedback therapy helps rehabilitate the brain, even years after injury by diagnosing and regulating impaired brainwaves.










Being a successful leader requires continuous growth, the eVox® Brain Health System is the cutting-edge brain training technology that allows you to continuously reach your optimal levels of cognitive function.


Advanced attention and concentration ability

Improved productivity and decision-making

Optimized sleep quality and depth

Attaining Peak Performance

Our Neurofeedback technology at The 360° Clinics is a non-invasive tool that measures alter brainwaves to maximize attention and enhance focus without the use of medication. Neurofeedback therapy allows you to stay on-task and tune-out distractions and effectively multitask while shifting attention from one task to another.

Our eVox® Brain Health System recognizes stress-related brainwaves and allows self-regulation. By eliminating stress, decision-making and problem-solving skills improve substantially, resulting in sharper and faster reactions, and an overall increased brain performance. 

Optimized sleep is crucial for the physical and mental wellbeing that is necessary for any successful business. Although sleep is essential to success, more than 50% of high-ranking executives aren’t getting enough quality sleep.  Neurofeedback therapy is proven to improve the depth and quality of sleep without necessarily increasing the duration.

Neurofeedback technologies available at The 360° Clinics are tools to increase innovative thinking, confidence, and communication, to name a few; it trains the brain to reach full potential and perform at peak levels. Peak performance develops leadership skills in dealing with a task or an individual, while maintaining a strong sense of self.






When children are put on the correct academic structure and cognitive foundation at a young age, it sets them out for lifelong success. eVox® Brain Health System empowers children to reach their full potential through self-regulation and positive reinforcement.